We are committed to minimizing risk factors, creating environmental controls, establishing clear guidelines and enforcing them, and always having a supply of safety equipment/products available for employee and customer use. ~ Julia & the team

Staff Protocols:

  • Daily screening of common symptoms and body temperature
  • Increased hand washing and use of sanitizer (firstly, upon arrival at the shop and then every time you re-enter after leaving, etc.)– proper hand washing recommendations posted in bathroom
  • Disinfecting of shared equipment and tools between each use (including dryers/tables/clippers/scissors/bathing system/square payment terminal)
  • Agreement to maintain 6′ of space between employees when possible and to wear a mask when working together in close quarters.
  • Disinfecting of high traffic areas such as door knobs, sink & toilet handles, mouse/keyboard etc. a minimum of twice a day.

Client Protocols:

  • Fully outdoor/contactless drop off/pick up of pets and payment for services available
  • No walk-ins permitted – by appointment only
  • All appointments and client contact info stored in our database in case we need to touch base for risk of exposure
  • Limit of one client in reception at a time (only with the exception of additional/related young child(ren) if necessary). Screening questions posted at door.
  • Clients in reception encouraged to make the interaction/payment as quick as possible
  • Use of hand sanitizer/mask (provided) mandatory for clients who wish to enter reception area
  • NO clients permitted beyond reception area (only in bathroom attached to reception if needed)
  • Disinfecting of front door handle and contactless outdoor pens between clients
  • Plexi shield installed for those coming in to make payment with the machine
  • Both sides of plexi shield wiped down daily
  • Clients encouraged to keep pets own leash/collar/harness/crate or other equipment as long as it does not endanger the pet or staff
  • Easy to disinfect biothane slip leads and grooming loops used and cleaned between pets
  • Pets bathed right upon arrival when possible. When it is not possible, extra cleaning and disinfecting measures of all equipment will be taken.

Signage & Instructions:

  • Contactless outdoor enclosures marked for Drop off/Pick up and instructions posted on outdoor sandwich board
  • Social distancing sign on outdoor enclosure
  • “No Walk Ins” sign on outdoor enclosure
  • Mandatory reception protocols & screening questions posted on front door
  • Safe hand washing sign posted in bathroom
  • Instructions and protocols were initially emailed to clients, and updates have been posted on social media pages
  • Safety Plan posted in reception and on website