Included: nail trim, pad trim, trimming of sanitary areas, ear plucking, ear cleaning, emptying of anal glands (done externally, upon request)

Haircuts: proper haircuts involve a bath and blow dry.

Clippering: This style is the cheapest option as well as the easiest to maintain. It is great for dogs who get easily matted, and for those who love being outdoors. The length can vary from about 1/8 of an inch to about 1/2 an inch. It is NOT a good option for double coated breeds.

Hand-scissoring: This technique creates a much more tailored look and is best for well-maintained dogs on a regular grooming schedule. It allows the groomer to hide faults and accentuate strong points. Many different styles can be achieved through hand-scissoring to suit your dogs coat, build, and your personal preferences. This is how groomers create the all famous “Teddy Bear” look.
Some hand-scissoring is often suitable for double-coated breeds after a de-shedding treatment (Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc.).

“Daisy Trim” (Combo): The combination of a clippered body and hand-scissored legs is a great way to keep a dog looking stylish and balanced without compromising maintainability. It is excellent for hiding bow legs, or the all too common“twig legs” on our more “robust” furry friends.

Breed Profile Grooming: Breed trims often involve a combo of techniques. They can be modified into pet trims or executed to the proper standard, as set out by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

De-shedding: proper de-shedding invloves a bath and blow dry.

This service is designed for double-coated breeds (the ones who shed!). Brushing a dog can sometimes seem endless, but with a professional de-shedding treatment the constant loss of undercoat can be drastically decreased. De-shedding starts in the tub with the use of professional products (all natural of course!) and equipment. It then continues during the blow dry with the use of multiple dryers which at times can seem to create a hair explosion. Once the dog is dry and most of the excess undercoat has been blown out, it is time for brushing. A multitude of brushes and professional de-shedding tools finish the job up and leave the coat feeling lighter and smoother. This extensive process helps keep dogs comfortable in the heat of the summer and the cool of the winter.


Included: nail trim, pad trim, trimming of sanitary areas, ear plucking, ear cleaning, emptying of anal glands (done externally, upon request)

Hand-Stripping: May or may not involve a bath and blow dry.

Certain harsh coated breeds qualify for this type of service. It is a technique that involves pulling the dead outer layer of topcoat to allow for a fresh layer to start growing in. It is NOT painful, but IS great for maintaining colour and texture for terrier types! Depending on the breed of your dog and what you are looking for, this may be combined with standard services.


Nail trim (cat or dog)
Pad trim
Sanitary trim
Ear plucking/cleaning
Anal glands
Nail dremelling/filing
Feather extensions


Lion Trim: A full clip down of everything except legs and mane. Mane can be trimmed short, or left longer to resemble that of a lion. Tail can be left full or shaved with a tuft at the end depending on personal preference. This cut is ideal for long haired cats whose coats tend to matt. It is a necessary trim for cats whose coats are already matted.

Spot Shave: A partial clip down of matted areas or areas that tend to matt. The remaining coat is brushed and combed.

Brush Out: Just as it sounds! Your cat will be brushed and combed removing any loose undercoat and keeping hair fresh, shiny, and matt-free.

*Bathing and drying can be offered (at an added cost) for select cats that are calm and familiar with this service*


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