Julia’s Pet Spa

Julia’s Pet Spa provides quality dog and cat grooming services in lower Vancouver Island. ¬†Focused on making the process enjoyable for your pet, Julia’s Pet Spa offers a comfortable in¬†home experience.

About the Grooming Salon

Julia’s Pet Spa is a grooming salon focused on creating a good experience for the animals through use of fully natural products, top of the line equipment, and highly trained staff. We offer breed profile and pet grooming and are experienced in hand stripping and hand scissoring.

Creating a calm environment for the dogs in “the spa” is enhanced by equipment such as a hydro-massage and deep coat conditioning bathing system, some of the quietest dryers on the market, and aromatherapy.

I, Julia (the owner), am a certified master groomer and have placed in multiple grooming competitions throughout my career. I am, and always have been, passionate about animals and absolutely LOVE that they have become the main focus of both my personal and professional life. My knowledge is ever growing and I very much look forward to using this information and my experiences to continue to grow my business.

Our Services